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Worship team pics

Some of my favorites from worship practice last night. Love the lighting on this first one.                                                       IMG_9597 I’ll make them small so they all fit 🙂 I got a bit artsy with some of the shots.


IMG_9696 copyBen on Drums.

IMG_9708 copyI can’t decide between this one and the next

IMG_9755Both pretty neat.

IMG_9736 copyJust the guys

IMG_9600 copyAnd another.


IMG_9628 copySweet

IMG_9769 copyI just liked this

IMG_9703 copyI went a bit over the top with the texture here.

IMG_9720 copyMusic

IMG_9601Just because

IMG_9595 copyJust because again:)

IMG_9729 copyI’ll take some ‘normal’ pictures on Sunday.


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To the beach!

We decided to take a day trip to the beach on Sunday. We drove to Astoria and headed south. We ended up at Canon beach and I got some beautiful pictures!

Here is Haystack Rock. Isn’t that such a plain name for something so beautiful! The tiny specks are people.

Another view

One of Ally looking for shells

This one was taken north of Canon beach. Just beautiful there!

I promise to post pictures of the kids soon!

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For the first time! Okay, I have to share 8 things you didn’t know about me. Hmmmmm…..

1. My favorite show right now is Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. HA! It was on so long ago it’s like watching it for the first time!

2. My absolute favorite singer of all time is Michael Buble’. I sat in the 3rd row at his concert. Sigh. He smells good. 🙂

3. I walked down the aisle barefoot. My dress was so poofy that no one knew, now you do!

4. I make up goofy nicknames for everyone and everything.

5. I have OCD when it comes to lotion. Every time I get my hands wet at all I have to immediately apply lotion because I hate that dry feeling!!! I will actually put on lotion twice in the process of giving my son a bath. Even though I know my hands are just going to get wet again!

6. I was stung by a jellyfish on my honeymoon. At least three total strangers offered to pee on me. No thanks.

7. I read way too much. I have been known to finish an entire novel in one night.

8. I started rock climbing when I was six. The whole family was really into it. That was back before it became popular.  I don’t climb anymore. The chalk makes my hands feel way too dry. 🙂

There it is. More than you ever wanted to know!

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Real waterfalls!!!

So, I decided to hit the road and shoot some real waterfalls. There was entirely too much hiking involved 🙂 I was so exausted! Well, here is Multnomah falls. I don’t think there is any way to really capture how magnificent this is. Here is my feeble attempt.

Scenic highway

A few favorites…


More to come!

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A waterfall day

I have been wanting to shoot waterfalls for months! I got a new book with all of the trails in the Columbia River Gorge. I can’t wait to actually use it. These waterfalls are from my neighborhood. Someday I will get out and be able to shoot the big ones. These work for now.

They just added chemicals to the water so it was foamy. So, I cut this one off at the bottom. Here is a good water shot.

One more…


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