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I just LOVE fall!!!

Don’t you? The crisp air and all that color! How could you not? I took William to church yesterday to take some fall photos. There are tons of trees there so lots of leaves to play in.

On Sunday the kids filled the entire slide on the playground with leaves and slid down. I’m glad I had my camera handy!

Yes, I brought my camera to church. LOL!

The way he’s standing in this one makes me laugh. He’s such a goofball!

Then he found a mud puddle to play in 🙂

I’ll post more soon. Lots of fun events coming up!


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Some more….

I have a few more from the beach that I really liked. This first one is really funny to me. It might just be my juvenile sense of humor. It looks like the seagull is the king of the castle.

And I just like the reflection here. The blue is gorgeous!

I took this one the other day. My roses will be done for the season pretty soon. So, I decided to get a few shots after the rain.

Love the rain drops!

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