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We had the most amazing storm come through the other night. Thunder, lightning, torrential rain. Fun! This is the park next to my house. There isn’t supposed to be a water feature there. This “puddle” is at least seven feet deep. I wish I’d had a boat handy!


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My favorite birthday presents this year? Why, my new Porsche and diamond earrings of course!

LOL! My neighbors asked Ally what I wanted for my birthday. She told them I wanted diamond earrings and a new car! So, they got both! Try to contain your jealousy! They topped it off with Godiva chocolates which comes in a close third on my favorite presents list! Too funny! Thanks ladies!

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To Nicole Tow! An amazing photographer and a wonderful person!


You’re the best!

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I posted this shot on Flickr and it has become really popular. It was shown under ‘Explore’ and has about 10x the number of views as my other pictures. I guess it’s just the cuteness!

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My baby girl!

She looks so grown up! I love the messy hair. It’s just so Ally. This was taken at the park yesterday. The weather was just perfect!

She is growing up too fast. I can’t believe she will be 10 this summer!

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Six months old

Little baby Cadence!

And at the park…

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