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Headed down to the Old Grist Mill . It is so beautiful there in the fall. Love it!


Hoffman 177 copy 3 by you.

And his catch of the day…

Hoffman 196 copy by you.

And Katie. Isn’t this just the best smile?!?

Hoffman 209 copy3 by you.

My post-processing got rid of McKenzie’s freckles and I’m trying to bring them back.

Hoffman 188 copy3 by you.

Now for the horses! This is Kasey. She was posing for me. So funny!

Hoffman 260 copy4 by you.

And Katie on  Molly. Definitely the sweeter of the two.

Hoffman 346 copy4 by you.

My turn!

Hoffman 366 copy3 by you.

William was so excited to be on a horse!


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Pumpkin Patch!

We threw on out mud boots and headed out to the Pumpkin Patch. It was such a beautiful, crisp fall day! William loved the hay ride. We went on it twice and he won’t stop talking about it! We also got to see the cutest baby cows! So precious.

Taking a break on a pumpkin

pumpkin patch 2008 007 copy by you.

And giving Grandma a big hug

pumpkin patch 2008 015 copy by you.

Off to the hay pyramid!

pumpkin patch 2008 017 copy by you.

Ready, set…….

pumpkin patch 2008 022 copy by you.


pumpkin patch 2008 023 copy by you.

So fun!

pumpkin patch 2008 029 copy by you.

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Baby Andrew

So precious!

Baby Andrew by you.

That birth weight is not a typo. He really was that big!

Baby Andrew 139 copy2 by you.

I mad the blocks for the shoot. Light blue and brown. I might have to do that for every newborn.

Baby Andrew 168 copy4

Look at those chubby cheeks. love it!

And, big brother Anthony…

Baby Andrew 024 copy2

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Fireman William

We headed down to the fire station today with Christie and Sidney to visit Ben and see the cool fire trucks. William was so excited! He was so shy at first because he thinks firemen are so cool! It was like meeting a movie star for him!

This one might have to go in his room

Fireman William by you.

Ben in his outfit.

fire station 021 copy

 lol! What the heck is that expression on my face? Saucy.

fire station 007 copy

And the kids on the truck

fire station 025 copy by you.

Thanks for the tour Ben!

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Apple festival

This Sunday was Apple festival! I set up a booth and handed out a lot of flyers. I’m so glad the weather turned out so beautiful! I think I got a bit of a sunburn on my nose.

I left my camera at home so I didn’t get any pictures 😦 But, that’s okay since they had a ‘Bible Times’ photo booth! The lovely couple fron Freckled Pear Studios were working hard! Here are a few shots of my Neighbors and me.

It starts out innocent…

_MG_8625 by you.

We are so angelic. Everyone except for Rachel. lol!

_MG_8620 by you.

Then we start to get rowdy. Not sure what Jill is doing in this one. It sort of looks like she has to use the restroom. Urgently.

_MG_8619 by you.

Not sure where the Charlies Angels idea came from.

_MG_8616 by you.

But I’ll join in.

_MG_8623 by you.

Then we accosted a passing Centurion and stole his gear! What is up with that look on my face? lol! I don’t trust Rita with a weapon!

_MG_8629 by you.

That was loads of fun. These would make a great Christmas card! lol!

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Forestry center

We tried going to the Childrens Museum on Monday only to find out that it was closed! So, we went next door to the Forestry Center. I don’t remember ever going there, althought I’m sure i went when I was a kid. It is really a neat place! Tons of activities for all ages.

One thing I do remember from my childhood is this train out front. William loves trains! I love this pose because he does this all the time!

crabbing-forestry center 064

And driving the train…or, is it conducting? lol!

crabbing-forestry center 072

Driving the giant ‘tree-cutter-down-thing’

crabbing-forestry center 075

Here we are riding the rapids!!!

Riding the rapids

This was his favorite. On an African safari. He could have stayed here all day.

crabbing-forestry center 094

Now, we need to go to the Childrens Museum!

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Last week…

was a blast! We went crabbing on the coast with a group of friends. We rented two boats and were planning to take the kids to a little island to play. Well, we hopped in the boat and about 30 seconds into the ride the sky opened up and completely drenched us! lol!

Here is Ally looking happy (before the rain)

Here she is after the rain…

crabbing-forestry center 007 by you.

LOL! What a pre-teen look. She was not amused. She was pretty sure that the boat was going to sink at any moment.

Here are the guys getting the boat…

crabbing-forestry center 003 by you.

Jessica and the girls on the dock. Doesn’t the weather look great????? Typical Oregon coast weather.

crabbing-forestry center 025

William and his new pal. He was the best dog! When the kids got too close ot the water he would get between them and the water and just sit until they left. So sweet! He’s waiting for William to throw the rock so he can chase it. That was his favorite game!

crabbing-forestry center 024 copy by you.

Could he be any cuter?!? Look at those eyelashes!

Tristen on the crabbing trip

Kamian’s hair got curly from the rain. So precious!

Kamiah on the crabbing trip 

And, of course, my girl:) After she had warmed up a bit!

Ally on our crabbing trip by you.

When you are finished they cook and clean your crab for you! Delicious! I can’t wait to go again!

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