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I have a cold…

and this is why


I have to say it was a blast! I am definitely wearing a crazy green outfit next year. The reason for the cold? Well, I was already getting sick on Saturday, and after the early morning run in the rain (brrrrr) I was down for the count! So, I am typing this in my robe while sipping on Thera Flu.

I finally decided on the craft I we will be doing at out women’s retreat this year. Should I spill the beans? Here is a sneak peek at the yummy fabric!

projects 008 copy

Here are the prototypes

projects 007 copy

Super cute half-aprons! I will be making them ahead of time and the project will be to embellish them. I am in the process of gathering buttons, felt, embroidery thread and anything else I can think of!

I have been trying to find a way to make fabric flowers that is simple and cute. My first try was much more time consuming than planned! We won’t be making these, but they are cute anyway!

projects 004 copy

These are much simpler:

projects 002 copy

I found this idea on Heather Bailey’s blog. I could just look at her blog all day. So many pretty things!

Well, off to sew some more!


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Where to start…..

I haven’t posted in a while! Busy with church, family, soccer……and sewing! My newest hobby! I finally had a chance to get my sewing machine out of the box last week. I like to learn by doing, so I decided to make a quilt! This one is William’s.

For William

My first quilt

I think he loves it 😉

We had 80’s night with the Jr.Highers this week. I even crimped my hair for the occasion! It was so fun to have this many girls crammed in the bathroom at church. Makeup and hair crimping!


80's night 397 copy

80's night 405 copy

80's night

80's night 396 copy by you.

So, if you look closely you will notice I have a boo-boo on my lip. I play indoor soccer on Saturdays and I got hit in the face with a ball. I had to head over to the hopital to get my lip super glued closed. Ouch!!! It’s just about healed up now. Let’s see if I can’t hurt myself again tomorrow. Sheesh!

Okay, last thing to talk about is a new baby! I had the priveledge to take pictures of litte Mr. Caden. So cute!


Jan-Feb 2009 473 copy3

Jan-Feb 2009 403 copy

Jan-Feb 2009 427 copy2

That’s all for now!

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