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William is 4!  The party was a blast.  Between Halloween and the birthday party I am exhausted!  We all took a big sigh of relief at the end of the day.

…and an ocean tumbled by with a private boat for Max and he sailed off through night and day… 

This is what happens when I give my hubby some cardboard and ask for a boat. Amazing!

He also decorated the cupcakes!


Pin the tail on Max…

Homemade beanbag toss…. My carpet looks dirty in this picture. Ick! I promise that it’s not dirty! Well, not visibly dirty. Ha!

William has some of the cutest friends! I made them felt crowns with their initial. Super easy and super cute!


Thirsty little man!


Okay, now were ready for cupcakes!  Make a wish!




Now it’s time for presents. Let’s start with the biggest first!

Happy birthday William!



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Pumpkin Patch

We decided to skip the “Mega” pumpkin patch this year and just headed up the street to Joe’s Farm.  Ally had her face painted but William decided he didn’t want anyone coloring on his face.  He did tell Ally later that day “You look beautiful with that on your head”. LOL!  I agree:)

oct 09 199 copy

Daddy and William on the hay ride.

oct 09 172 copy

William was a little cowboy in the fort maze

oct 09 182 copy

oct 09 187 copy

And the best ride of all…

oct 09 195 copy

Then home for cocoa and cookies! I love fall. We took a fall walk later in the day and I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera!  Next time I will remember!

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william as max 009 copy

That makes one of us at least!  This “Max” costume was more work than I thought it would be, but so worth it!  William is turning 4 November 1st and will be having a Where the Wild Things Are birthday party. I’m working on decorations now. I have a lot to get done in the next few days!

william as max 010 copy

william as max 014 copy

william as max 016 copy

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Eye candy

courtesy of the Barn House season opener.

BarnHouse 022 copy by you.

BarnHouse 014 copy by you.

BarnHouse 008 copy by you.

BarnHouse 015 copy by you.

BarnHouse 016 copy

BarnHouse 019 copy

BarnHouse 023 copy

And the Worthy Goods set-up…

BarnHouse 027 copy

Lori was hard at work:)

BarnHouse 035 copy

I still need to get a shot of you Debbie! Beware, I will get one at the next show;)

And a few spring pictures of Ally…

Allyj 089 copy2 by you.

Allyj 099 copy2 by you.

And I just LOVE this one of Cadence. I had a comment on Flickr that she looks like a little sparrow. So precious!

cadence 42309 142 copy3 by you.

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Worthy Goods

So, the show this weekend was just beautiful. It was called Whimsical Wishes, and some friends of mine had a booth there. Their company is called Worthy Goods. Gorgeous!

frogs and antiques 023 copy by you.

frogs and antiques 016 copy by you.

frogs and antiques 015 copy by you.

frogs and antiques 071 copy2

frogs and antiques 051 copy

frogs and antiques 031 copy

And a cute little spring picture of one of my favorite models


Off to sew, sew, sew some aprons!

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I took a couple of my Jr.Highers hiking along with my kiddos. I thought I would post those pictures since I haven’t even uploaded my Easter pictures yet!

Ponytail falls

My little man

And some more projects…

Ally’s new quilt and pillow

Ally's new quilt and pillow

A braided rug for William’s room that is taking MUCH longer than planned!

Braided rug

And this doll quilt and pillow were so much fun to make, and so cute! Ally’s friend Danielle wanted to sew a quilt for her doll, so it was the project at the last sleepover.

Doll quilt and pillow

Now, my next project will be to get some Easter pictures uploaded and edited 😉

Oh, here is a link to my newest inspiration: http://grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.com/   Gorgeous!

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This is what happens when Ally and Danielle get together!
Daniell’s dad is in charge of video for our church, so they had a camera man handy for their little commercial. Thanks Randy!

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